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Name Aveiro Municipal
Capacity 30000
Country Portugal
City Aveiro
Inauguration 2003-11-15

Located in the Parque da Cidade on the outskirts of the city, the new stadium was built from scratch. All the seats are covered. The new Sports Park will also boast a multi-sports pavilion, a golf course, a recreation ground, a swimming-pool complex and six new hotels.

Ambitious design
This is an ambitious piece of architecture, combining attractive lines with functional facilities and a capacity for 30,000 spectators. Its four stands have been designed to operate as independent units.

Multiple colours
The structure of the stadium and the coloured patterns make for plenty of light. Estádio Municipal de Aveiro is one of the three UEFA EURO 2004? stadiums designed by Tomás Taveira. The works of this Portuguese architect are often marked by their multicoloured design.

Beira-Mar's home ground
With its capacity for only 14,000 fans, the Mário Duarte Stadium, where SC Beira-Mar used to play, was not considered big and modern enough to host EURO 2004? matches and so the Estádio Municipal de Aveiro was built. The team has been playing there since December 2003.

A special area
The tournament director, António Laranjo, underlined some of the best features of the Aveiro stadium. "It seats 30,000 people, but has all the amenities of a stadium for 50,000. It is located in an excellent area, both geographically and in terms of the surrounding countryside. It is really easy to get here and there can be no doubt that it is a very beautiful stadium."

Official opening
Portugal came from behind to draw 1-1 with Greece in the friendly match that marked the official opening of Estádio Municipal de Aveiro. There were celebrations in the stands and on the pitch before the match. Thirty-thousand fans watched a magnificent show and tribute was paid to Fernando Couto as he won his 100th cap.

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